Alfa Passione 2018
Istria Tour / Grobnik

Move away from everyday life struggles and take your Alfas and your closest ones to beautiful Istria in Croatia.

Our Saturday tour starts with a ride over Učka mountain and continues along scenic inland Istrian roads with opportunities to taste traditional Istrian cuisine. We will also visit famous destinations such as Hum, Motovun, Svetvinčenat and others.

After a dinner at the hotel restaurant there will be a party for all guests in the Duga Uvala hotel. Sunday tour will start off with a scenic route by the Adriatic sea through Plomin and Lovran. Lunch will take place in the Aerosteak restaurant near our final point of the Tour – freshly rebuilt Grobnik race track.

Alfa Passione

Alfa Passione is the official gathering of Croatian alfisti organised by Alfa Romeo Club Cuore Sportivo HR.

The first Alfa Passione event took place in 2007. on the Grobnik race track, organised by the former Cuore Sportivo Croatia club. It was remembered by a large attendance and a special atmosphere. The last (until now) Alfa Passione took place in 2010.

After an 8 year long hiatus, we are back, better then ever.


Saturday, 19.05.2018.


Konoba Kotlić, Kotli.

Gnocchi + goulash 12€.
Fuži (pasta) + truffles 12€.


Resort Duga Uvala, Duga Uvala
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Prices for accommodation including breakfast::

20€ per person for a 2-bed room*
19€ per person for a 3-bed room*

Surcharge for a single bed room is 10€.

*1€ tourist tax not included in price


Buffet dinner n the hotel restaurant.
Price per person (one drink included drink) is 10€.

Sunday, 20.09.2018.



Plate for 4 persons.
Ćevapi, pljeskavica (minced meat), pommes frites, salad 10€ per person.

Race Track

Admittance is free for Cuore Sportivo HR club members*
Non-members pay an entry fee of 34€*

*Additional mandatory track insurance fee is 9,5€.

Only Alfa Romeo vehicles are allowed on the race track. Exceptions can be made in agreement with the club management.

Route 19.05.2018.

Route 20.05.2018.


Saturday, 19.05.2018.

Gathering. Vrata Jadrana.
View on map09:00
Off we go. We are off to the Istria Tour!09:30
Dopolavoro Učka. Coffee, drink – 3€. Located at 1000m above sea level.10:00
Vranje. Connection with Istrian attendees..11:00
Hum.Parking 0,7€.
Konoba Hum – brandy, honey schnaps 1,5€.
Sightseeing + souvenirs.11:30
Lunch. Konoba Kotlić, Kotli.
Gnocchi + goulash 12€.
Fuži (pasta) + truffles 12€.13:00
Motovun. Parking and sightseeing.15:30
Svetvinčenat. Parking and sightseeing.18:00
Hotel Duga Uvala. Accommodation and dinner.20:00

Sunday, 20.05.2018.

Breakfast. Hotel Duga Uvala.08:00
Off we go. We start the Sunday tour.10:00
Plomin. Short stop for photos and sightseeing.11:00
Lunch. Grobnik Aerosteak.
Plate for 4 persons.
Ćevapi, pljeskavica, pommes frites, salad 10€ per person.13:00
Grobnik.Arrival at the Grobnik race track.14:30
Grobnik. Entering the track. Let’s rock!17:00


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